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Bringing Power and Progress to Africa

For the past year or so, I’ve been privileged to lead a team at the Institute for Sustainable Energy at Boston University to develop a synthesized perspective on the current state of and future prospects for the African electricity sector. 

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Regional Energy Archetypes and Their Associated Pathways to Shift the Global Energy Mix

Across the world, there is near unanimous agreement on the long-run vision for the global energy mix. This vision includes: Widespread adoption of solar and wind (both onshore and offshore), augmenting hydro where available Backstopped by various forms of storage

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Voodoo Energy Economics: Understanding the Haitian Electricity System

As some of you may know, in addition to serving as President of Future Energy Advisors, I am also a non-resident Senior Fellow at the Institute of Sustainable Energy (ISE) at Boston University (BU). Resulting from my fellowship at ISE,

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Hello, Again

I’m back. After a few year hiatus, I’ve decided to resume my blogging activity, publicly expressing thought-leadership about the future directions of the energy sector. To my old friends, I say:  Hello, again. For those of you who are new readers

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