Strategy Consulting on Emerging Energy Topics

Providing management advice to clients on decisions and actions to position optimally for the complex dynamics of the transforming energy sector, Future Energy Advisors offers a rare combination of capabilities typically found only with larger consulting firms.

Profile of Future Energy Advisors

Founded on Deep Knowledge and Experience

Bio of Richard Stuebi

Future Energy Advisors is the consulting practice of Richard Stuebi, a recognized leader in the energy sector with three decades of experience in a variety of capacities, including as a consultant, executive, entrepreneur, investor and advocate.  From this multi-faceted set of experiences, Mr. Stuebi has gained a deep understanding of many topics critical for companies participating in the energy sector, especially:

  • Strategy and business development
  • Market economics and regulations
  • Emerging technologies and business models
  • Launching, financing and growing new ventures

As a consultant, Mr. Stuebi has provided strategic counsel to dozens of clients, ranging from electric utilities to large corporate conglomerates to financial interests to emerging start-up companies.  For the past 20 years, he has primarily focused on opportunities related to new technologies penetrating the energy markets, with a particular emphasis on both physical and digital innovations in renewable energy, distributed energy and energy storage.

Mr. Stuebi holds degrees in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University, and is a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Sustainable Energy at Boston University.

Complemented by Extensive Professional Network

In addition to the capabilities and perspectives gained over Mr. Stuebi’s diverse 30 year career, Future Energy Advisors is able to tap an extensive professional network of accomplished experts spanning a wide range of disciplines, including:

FEA Global Connections

In many cases, as needed, experts can be brought directly into a client engagement to provide more substantive contributions.