Hello, Again

I’m back.

After a few year hiatus, I’ve decided to resume my blogging activity, publicly expressing thought-leadership about the future directions of the energy sector.

To my old friends, I say:  Hello, again.

For those of you who are new readers of mine, from 2005 to 2013, I used to post weekly on a great-but-now-defunct site called CleanTech Blog.  You can still see a sampling of my prior work from several years ago on the Huffington Post, where I placed some of my CleanTech posts of potential interest to general audiences.  You’ll see that it was an eclectic oeuvre.  Going forward, it’s likely that my writings will be a little less frequent and a little more focused.

Although I continue to be interested in all things energy and cleantech, I am particularly focused these days on distributed energy resources and energy storage.  Last year, I was privileged to be elected a member of the Board of Directors of the Energy Storage Association, and also was presented with opportunities to assist companies on topics related to energy storage.  Based on this, I founded a new consulting practice, Future Energy Advisors, that helps clients devise and pursue strategies that maximize their prospects for success in an increasingly turbulent energy marketplace in which new technologies are radically reshaping the playing field.

In building this practice, it will be important for me to develop new insights, and I will aim to share some of them with you via this blog — though of course I won’t be able to disclose anything proprietary from my client work.  Future postings here will probably share my emerging thinking on the interplay between (1) energy-related technology advancements and business model innovations, and (2) retail and wholesale electricity markets.  Expect to see reports from events that I attend, so that you can benefit at least a little bit from the investments I make in expanding my professional horizons.  I anticipate that I’ll post new content once or twice a month, rather than on a fixed schedule of every Monday as was formerly the case.

In the meantime, welcome to Future Energy Advisors.  Check out the new website.  Keep coming back to read fresh material.  And, of course, please do contact me if you think I can be helpful in advancing your business interests.

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